Skip the Pixie Dust (NEM #53)


It’s Saturday!  Again!  Did anybody else have cookies for breakfast?  Excellent—keep on living your best life. 


This week, we’re starting something new—hidden after the jump, of course.  Those of you who have been here before can carry on as usual, but if you’re new, I do need you to click the Not Exactly Motivational link to catch up.  From there, you’ll get a full explanation of what we’re doing and why, along with links to all the past Saturday posts (you can also follow me on Instagram to catch up, if that’s your thing).


Motivate me!

Flash Fiction Friday – Everything Works Out in the End


I still haven’t 100% decided if this is a thing.  But.  I do enjoy the challenge of ruthlessly editing down to 100 words (I still get stuck on 115 every time.  Is there some 115-word disease I should be tested for?)

Once again, I am responding to the Book Blogger’s Flash Fiction Foray Challenge.  This week’s song immediately called to mind very specific imagery, and the story followed naturally from that, so… no.  I cannot cut even one more word.


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Quitting Time? (NEM #52)


Omigod, you guys. 

This is the 52nd weekly installment of NEM Saturday.  Do you know what that means?

I’ve been doing this for a whole year and I haven’t been arrested yet.

No death threats, either, which makes me think you’re not sharing these posts widely enough.  Hmmm…

Whatever, no time to worry about that now, because we’ve got to hurry on to today’s uh-may-zing “motivation” and then… onward to the next phase!  Because, oh yes, I’ve got something “special” planned for the next few weeks. 

If you’re not frightened by that promise, then you need to click the Not Exactly Motivational link (that one right there will do nicely) and read up on just what the hell we do ‘round here every weekend—you might even be inspired to go find these treasures on Instagram, and that’s just fine.  If, on the other hand, you felt your stomach (or other bits) clench in terror at the thought of what new fuckery my warped little brain has produced… well, you’re clear to proceed. 


Motivate me!

Flash Fiction Friday? New World Coming


Is this a thing?  Am I making this a thing?

I honestly haven’t decided.  Let’s treat it like a Thing and see how that feels, m’kay?

Today’s post is a response to The Book Blogger’s Flash Fiction Foray Challenge, in which we are given a song and a limit of 100 words.

I got it down to 115 and stopped trying to kill myself over it.*  I’m long-winded: love me for what I am.

This week’s song is lovely and inspiring and you should listen to it at least a dozen times, until it invades your dreams (I did!) even if you’re not normally one to stick around when someone like me starts with the “hey, let me read you some of my fiction….”


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