Terminal Urology


You know that narcissist test where they ask if you have backup dancers?


Rick and Morty Vegas-style backup dancers


No?  Never heard of it?


Okay, so it’s this thing, not quite a quiz, and one of the statements is “I often visualize myself with backup dancers/singers.”  For the record, I’m pretty sure that was the only one I agreed with, but I can’t remember for sure if there were others because my friends were so freaked out by the backup dancer thing (and the assertion that I need a theme song, too) that that became the topic for the rest of forever.


I was going somewhere with that thought… hang on…


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Mary, Mary (NEM #68)


Welcome to another “motivational” Saturday.  I’m your host and resident lunatic blogger who needs no introduction.


Unless I do, in which case you’ll also want a quick introduction to the grand Saturday tradition of Not Exactly Motivational, which you can find by clicking that link there or any similar link found at the top of absolutely any web page worth visiting.  And while you’re clicking things (they all open in new tabs, I promise) you might want to have a look at the Instagram or Pinterest.  You know, in case you’re keen on sharing.*


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2016 Year in Review—Search Terms


I’ve complained in the past of my frustration with “unknown search terms.”  To be clear, this is still the bane of my existence.  Whatever you are doing to keep me from seeing how you got to my blog, STAHP! 


I gots to know!

Internet Friends don’t keep secrets from each other!


But I put away search terms for a good long while—mostly because my hair was falling out from the stress—and only recently looked through them again.  


I’m not sure how I feel about what I’ve found, to be honest, but I know filler material when I see it. 


Here, then, are the top (humorous) search terms used to find this blog in 2016.


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Shhh… (NEM #67)


Can I tell you a secret?


I slacked so hard this week, I almost didn’t get this post up.  Are you proud of me?  You should be.  I am the very pinnacle of human achievement, a veritable loaf of wasted synapses.  I’ll probably cock it all up by doing something productive this weekend, but for now you may look upon me as the great motivilitist of the common era.


If you’re one of those tanned, enthusiastic newcomers who’ve popped in fresh from a week of actually doing things and had, up until a moment ago, no idea that motivility was even a thing, welcome!  Now please direct your attention and your mouse to the Not Exactly Motivational link (found here and at the top of discriminating pages across the internet) so that you might fully understand what it is you’ve stumbled upon.  In case, you know, you actually got here via StumbleUpon.  If you got here via Pinterest or Instagram, you still need to click that link, but the pun doesn’t quite fit; I’ll work on something for you later.  For the returning, please continue in the fashion to which you have become accustomed, and keep sharing!


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