Don’t Blink (NEM #39)


Happy lazy Saturday, everyone!  


Unless you have dogs.  Dogs are great companions, but not so good at reading a calendar, so you probably woke up about the same time you always do.


Unless you have cats.  Cats are assholes who can absolutely read a calendar, which means you probably woke up even earlier than usual.*


Okay, enough about your pets – they’re cute and all, but we came here to get motivated, right?  Right.  Well, some of you did.  If you know the score, just click like you always do and go look right now.**  If you’ve never been here before: there’s no scary paperwork or waiver, but you do have to click the Not Exactly Motivational link first, just so you can’t ever say nobody warned you.  That’ll also help you catch up, in case that’s a thing you’re into.  


Motivate me!

At Home With My Patrice


By far, the most wonderful thing about having Husband home lately has been the extra quality time.  Seriously, we’re snuggling and talking more and bonding and really enjoying each other’s company in a way that reassures me that we won’t be one of those couples who suddenly realizes they’ve nothing in common once the kids move out.  Which is good, because we’ve only got the one and he’s moving out soon and I’m dead set against having another just to save the marriage.  


cost of diapers vs cost of champagne


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As I’ve mentioned, I go with Husband to most of his appointments – especially lately, when he can’t do a lot of driving and is less certain that he’ll be able to drive back once he’s gotten himself far from home.  Back pain is the worst, in case you’ve ever wondered.  


Recently*, we were at one such appointment and ended up being put in the room and left there for like, fifty zillion hours.**  Now, normally we’d just pass the time by entertaining each other, or I’d scroll through my twitter and read him choice bits (he still doesn’t have an account.  Don’t even get me started) but some heartless bastard had rushed me out of the house without my phone, so not only were we confined to our own conversational abilities, but I couldn’t record anything.  


Never fear, I made do.


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Right and Might (NEM #38)


Look at us, blazing along through 2017 like it’s nothing!  I was thoroughly impressed with myself, until I realized that I hadn’t properly hung the new calendar, and had only left it open to a pretty picture.  Oh, well.  Januaries are tricky, not everyone gets it right the first time out… or the thirtieth… so let’s all cut each other a little slack and settle in with a nice cup of tea and some motivation-ish before that mid-morning nap we promised ourselves.  Or was that only on my Resolutions?


As always, I will direct the fresh meat, the forgetful, and the overly sensitive snoeflaykes to the Not Exactly Motivational link (that one will do, if you’ve got something against the one at the top of every single page of this blog) before viewing what’s after the jump, so that you might fully understand what it is you’re about to expose yourself to.  I’ve not gotten any hate mail for these yet, which only goes to show that the same four people are looking at them every week and the rest are popping by once and running scared.  Either that, or my Aunt Shirley was wrong about me, and I’m not actually the devil incarnate – this news would disappoint her sorely, so let’s just assume it’s a statistical issue, m’kay? 


Motivate me!