“I Love You”

A friend asked me where the tradition of my husband following his stupid comments with “I love you” came from, and when I told her the rambling yet vague version, she suggested I whip up a post instead.  Because I don’t make sense when I talk, I really don’t.  Unless you’re physically in front of me, and can follow along with my hand gestures and animated expressions.  We were on the phone, though.

At first, I was a little reluctant to try to explain this one, but on reflection it really is a classic illustration of our relationship and dynamic. This particular Conversation occurred before we were married.


HIM:  (says something hopelessly stupid, laughs at himself)
ME:  (sighs) I love you.
HIM:  You always say that when I… wait… are you reminding yourself?
ME:  I think so, yeah.
HIM:  Hmmm… good thing I’ll never run out of stupid things to say. No chance that you’ll forget how much you love me!
ME:  (unimpressed face)
HIM:  (beaming)
ME:  You know, it occurs to me that I’m always the one to say it first.
HIM:  That’s just because I’m always busy saying something stupid.
ME:  (glares)
HIM:  Wait… that came out wrong… You love me! (smiles)
ME:  That’s it. From now on, I’M not going to remind myself. It’s just reassuring you and enabling this behavior.
HIM:  So… you want me to remind you?
ME:  No, I’d rather you just stop saying stupid things!
HIM:  I can’t just stop talking!!!
ME:  (pointed look)
HIM:  I love you!

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