You’ll be Reading About Our Gaming a Lot…


my actual resting face

Statistically, you don’t actually know me or my husband.  That’s okay, because if you did know us I probably wouldn’t like you.


Wait.  That wasn’t really my point.  Let me back up, start over.


You don’t actually know us, but trust me: we’re gamers in this house.  As proof of this, I submit a sampler of conversations that happen around here, conversations that only happen in a gamer house, with a gamer couple raising a wee mini-gamer.


ME:  I don’t think I’m playing my new game right
HIM:  Really? Did YOU get stuck in autorun… BACKWARDS? (glares at his new game)
ME:  No, but I’m pretty sure I just got eaten by a dragon… tough to tell though, because it froze up right at this point (gesture at screen with fire and an ominous shadow engulfing our intrepid hero)
HIM:  You win


HIM:  Hey honey?
ME:  Can’t talk, busy stealing everything that isn’t nailed down
HIM:  K…Don’t forget to loot the bodies
ME:  I’m on it


ME:  I just want to try out different things, you know?
HIM:  Well, I wouldn’t recommend that you tank
ME:  (joking) You’re just saying that because you wouldn’t trust me to tank.
ME:  Wait, I was joking, but then you got all quiet… oh my god, you really don’t trust me!
HIM:  I just don’t think it would be a good fit…
HIM:  Because your response to getting hit is to run away.
ME:  … true. Okay, fair enough.


HIM:  21 minutes I waited for you!
ME:  (frantically pointing at Nifty Chart) I made a potion of invisibility! What did you do?
HIM:  Apparently I drank one!


ME:  It occurs to me that I made a character that looks kinda like me, and YOU made a character that looks kinda like a crack dealer.
HIM:  I chose a random appearance.
ME:  You “randomly” chose the one that looks like a crack dealer.
HIM:  I wouldn’t buy crack from that guy!


HIM:  (via skype call) Bio break!

ME:  Hey, what do you think of-
HIM:  (from some distance) I SAID I’M BIO-ING!  That means I’m AFK!  Gah, it’s like you don’t speak nerd or something!
ME:  …
HIM:  Okay, yeah, you can facebook that

ME:  (under my breath) Don’t think I won’t


ROG Logo

So if you’re out questing and see an obvious couple standing there arguing… it’s probably not us, really.  But you could ask, and that would help make us famous!


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