Mini Update and Holiday Warning!

Hooray for my computer being back, but I’m pretty miffed that it took them so long (ASUS warranty repair – never again!) and really REALLY peeved that I’m apparently going to have to re-purchase some software if I can’t find the disks.  Hmph.  But I’m back-ish and will absolutely be trying to get more of these little glimpses of my life published for you to enjoy/mock.


Fair warning: I am a holiday FIEND.  Seriously, I’m a sucker for a theme any time, but holidays really float my boat.  It’s no surprise, then, that Halloween is in full swing around here (several Halloween playlists and stations have already been assembled and put to use, lights have been strung, and neighborhood spiders are intimidated by my front entry) yet I still found time to zip around like a coked-up ferret in the budding Christmas section at Home Depot today. 


HIM:  Can I just say, “no” to mooses?
ME:  Mooses?
HIM:  (points)
HIM:  (moves away, pretending he doesn’t know me.  This happens often this time of year)


I was quickly dragged back over to Halloween, where I discovered several items I won’t be able to live without, but still somehow we left with only the light bulbs?

So weird.



How did I leave this behind?


Anyway, we made it as far as the parking lot before I had to bring up my new – utterly inexplicable – moose obsession.  


ME:  Okay, how serious are you in this moose aversion?
HIM:  (pointing) Hey, they got rid of the…. thing…
ME:  What?
HIM:  I’m just….
ME:  No, I want to know how deep this moose thing goes.
HIM:  Seriously?  Mooses?
ME:  I can’t explain it!  They’re just so damned cute!  Why are you so anti-moose?
HIM:  I’m from Maine!
ME:  pfft.
HIM:  (quietly) A moose once bit my sister.
HIM:  Point.


You see how we are?





* Yes, Internet, I am aware that the plural of moose is ‘moose’.  I still said mooses.  They were small and glittery and had golden antlers, which means I can call them whatever the hell I want.



One comment on “Mini Update and Holiday Warning!

  1. Alison Day says:

    Another appropriate variation is Meese.


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