Love and Avocados

Just a quick one today, because I’m both giddy and busy…. mostly busy doing this instead of the (roughly) 8 billion tasks that actually need doing around here, but how will I ever let people know how busy I am if I don’t make time to tell them?


Now, usually when I call my husband at his desk it’s always sort of awkward: his company has no problem with him taking personal calls while at work, so that’s fine, but he also doesn’t like to broadcast – understandably, I think – that he’s talking to his wife. So I’ll say “I love you” when signing off and he’ll usually say something like, “Yep, you too” or “Sounds good” and I have to sort of accept that that means “I love you too, and am breathless with anticipation of that perfect moment when I see you again.”

But today? Today, I am brilliant; I went with avocados.


ME:  I love you bunches. And you can say something like…. avocados if you love me even more than that.
HIM:  Avocados!?!


And then we both had a good laugh, so now my day is a little happier

I may try more related-to-his-actual-work terms in the future. Like “ECM” or “skewness”… or “lip seals” and “lubrication.”  Because I do love when his work sounds just a little bit dirty.


Yes, it’s all very serious and important…. but seriously, how do these guys NOT crack up when they’re talking about friction on the shaft?


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