Just Another Saturday Morning

Good morning, lovelies!  How have you been spending your Saturday morning?  Productively?  I hope not!  One thing is for sure: you didn’t have an argument anywhere near as stupid as this gem, which cropped up while we were returning home from the usual morning errands of noodle-buying at Home Depot (too much fun) and trying to describe the exact squishiness of my desired foam to confused men at multiple stores.


HIM: There’s a sign down the street for a baby and kids sale
ME: We don’t need another baby or another kid
HIM: We don’t need another garage, either
ME:  That’s not how it works, stupid.  Gah.
HIM:  Like you know.
ME:  Garage sale doesn’t mean they’re selling the garage, it means they’re selling the stuff in the garage.  They’re not selling their kids’ organs.
HIM:  Do you know that for a fact?  Did you ASK?  Because I’ll bet if you made them a good offer…
ME:  …
HIM:  You’d get arrested

David Laughing

and then he laughed exactly like this


We’re never boring, that’s for sure.


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