We’re More of a Marvel Household, Really

Boring Man

Jon Stewart recently asked Mark Ruffalo, “who would win a high jump contest between The Hulk and Superman?  If they both stood and jumped straight up, who would come down first?”

Naturally, such a serious question could not be left to amateurs, and we paused the interview to discuss.

ME:  Well that’s a stupid question.  I mean, obviously-
HIM:  Superman.
ME:  WHAT?!?!
HIM:  He can fly.
ME:  It’s not a flying contest, it’s a jumping contest.
HIM:  He can hover.
ME:  So what, he’d just cheat?
HIM:  If the contest is about hang time….
ME:  It’s NOT.  Hulk jumps higher, Hulk wins.
HIM:  Super strength.
ME:  He’s not even THAT strong!
HIM:  Right, but if he flies too-
HIM:  No, it’s a contest about who can remain in the air the longest-
ME:  NO, it’s a Superman SUCKS contest.
HIM:  …
ME:  Shut up.
HIM:  …
ME:  …
HIM:  You really do hate him.
ME:  Dumb alien whiny baby.

Super Fail

That’s about how it would go, yeah.



Anyone else really REALLY looking forward to the Deadpool movie?  I mean, besides me and the whole internet?

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