Did You Do the Thing?

We are traveling.

Husband for business, me because he’ll be gone for a week and I can’t sleep alone.  Also for the hotel sex.

I'm just excited about the hotel sex gif


He is frustrated that Things are not where they should be and people are cranky about Change and want to argue how it’ll be fine if they just decide to ignore the new rules.  I, on the other hand, am shopping and touristing and writing in peace and quiet occasionally, so that’s nice.

You might think that all of this away-ness would mean no new Conversations for you.  You would be wrong.


ME:  Did you find your [hotel] rewards thing?
HIM:  No, I didn’t.
ME:  (bummed)
HIM:  Let me look for it, because that would probably let us-
ME:  I thought you looked for it last night?
HIM:  No, I didn’t.
ME:  Hm.
HIM:  I said I was going to look for it.
ME:  …
HIM:  There’s a difference.

Billboard "yesterday you said tomorrow"


Which reminds me.

I made a note, probably a year ago, about Conversations like this, because they happen so often that I decided to jot down the general format in case I ever decided to tell you about how often this happens.


ME:  Did you do the thing?
HIM:  … no…
ME:  Remember how you were going to do the thing?
HIM:  Well I do now!


Alternatively, I get this one a lot:


ME:  Did you do the thing?
HIM:  … Yes.
ME:  Really?
HIM:  In the future, I did.



That last one is particularly interesting, because this is a common argument in our house:


ME:  Okay, what do you actually want me to do?
HIM:  I want us to have left ten minutes earlier!
ME:  …. and you can’t remember where you parked the time machine?


TARDIS disguised among port-a-potties

That chameleon circuit was probably a mistake…


In fairness, my natural state is ten minutes late, distracted, and probably covered in pet hair because we have a zoo that I keep trying to expand and no matter how much you brush them, fur happens.


But he knew this when he married me.




One comment on “Did You Do the Thing?

  1. weebluebirdie says:

    The Kid is developing these traits. I’ve learned that I have to be very specific to Teenage Kid. It’s no use saying, “Behave!” He replies, “I am behaving, just badly.” I have to request “Behave well”….


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