Yes, I Wore White


How to start your day off right, according to me.


STEP 1:  Wear white shirt to go build haunted house, against husband’s objections

  • HIM:  What if it gets sweaty, or torn?
    ME:  This is my white shirt. A construction project will not be what ruins it.


STEP 2: Dribble chocolate on white shirt.

  • Congratulations! Shirt is now pre-ruined.


STEP 3: Reach for bleach pen and apply liberally.

  • Stain is gone. Yay!


STEP 4: Read instructions on bleach pen:

  • “Do not apply to garment while wearing.”
  • Stellar.


STEP 5: Realize that Irish ginger should have left 20 minutes ago and is not yet wearing sunscreen.

  • But! Shirt is still white! So it’s aaaaalll good, right?
  • Nope, need the sunscreen.


STEP 6: Apply sunscreen. Break bathroom door in process (don’t ask me how, put your own spin on it)

      • Announce, so this can be fixed while you are away
      • ME: Because I’m breaking everything I touch today! Probably shouldn’t be driving, bye!
        OFFSPRING: She probably shouldn’t be building, either.
        HIM: Eh, the worst that can happen is it’ll get more haunted. Or some sort of curse.
        ME: That’ll be cool!

STEP 7: Drive all the way out to BFE and then realize that you forgot to eat breakfast.


Today's Forecast: 100% Chance of Winning

9 comments on “Yes, I Wore White

  1. Aww. I’ve had one of those days too. Bleedin’ nightmare.I’m now in bed before 12 of a Saturday night!


  2. weebluebirdie says:

    Yup. Those days are rubbish. Mind you, that’s why I never wear white. I never eat soup in restaurants either 🙂


  3. Losing the Plot says:

    I have forgotten to defrost my dinner, I have forgotten to lift my carefully prepared packed lunch, but in the history of the universe I have never forgotten to eat my breakfast. Like my belly would let me Ha!

    Well done on maintaining the white shirt btw, good work!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Jennifer says:

    I just don’t wear white anymore because no matter how good I look in it (white is truly my color) it doesn’t look good with food dropped all over it. Losing battle.

    Liked by 1 person

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