The 5 Stages of Deciding What to Watch

(Reblogged from CollegeHumor*)

Stage 1: check cable, but it's all commercials


Stage 2: pick a streaming service - too many choices!


Stage 3: choose a genre - so many oddly specific options!


Stage 4: analysis paralysis


Stage 5: settling for Parks and Rec again


Sometimes we watch The IT Crowd, though.


*Why am I reblogging?  First, because he actually sent this to me with the note, “this is us” and I can’t disagree.  Down to the decision-making styles depicted, this is how we go on.  Secondly, because I’m trying a thing, okay?  Third, and perhaps most importantly, because it does actually relate to a thing I will post very very soon, and it’s a big project so I’m buying myself some time.  Patience, my lovelies, is a virtue one can generally fake if one has a sufficient supply of sarcasm with which to keep warm.  And I know you’ve got plenty of that.



One comment on “The 5 Stages of Deciding What to Watch

  1. weebluebirdie says:

    ooooh intrigue…. a New Thing 🙂 We’re quite partial to a bit of the IT Crowd too. For the Kid, his standby is Father Ted – every episode a classic!


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