Guessing Game

Let’s play a game.


You’ve been here a while (and if you haven’t, go catch up and meet us back here at the cool kids’ table) and you know us pretty well by now.  You can, for instance, predict certain outcomes based on past incidents and a certain pattern you’ve detected.


I am going to give you a scenario, and I’ll let you, the reader, guess at what happened next.

 Scar says "I despise guessing games"


You will all be right, and then you will all be wrong because I don’t even understand what just happened here.  But we’ll get through this together, I know we will!




Morning.  I ask Husband to do a tedious but time-sensitive thing that neither of us wants to do, but it involves going outside and he is closer to dressed than I am.  Husband, after a sigh and an eyeroll and some harrumphing, agrees to do the thing.


Now, what do you think happened?





 spinning clock





Did you guess that he did not, in fact, go and do the thing?  That the thing did not get done and now there are Consequences?


Congratulations.  You’ve either been paying attention or you are a married person.



Now, for bonus points: when I texted Husband about The Thing and he called back to apologize for not doing it, what did he actually say?



paper! snow! a ghost!

You’re bad at guessing.


Seriously.  Go on, guess.




a spoon. your hands. your face!

Worst guesser ever.



Nope, not even close.  


Tell you what: you think on it, and we’ll meet back here tomorrow for the answer.




2 comments on “Guessing Game

  1. weebluebirdie says:

    “What, you meant do it now? You mean ‘now’, now?” Was it taking out the rubbish before the bin men came?

    Liked by 1 person

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