Be Yourself (NEM #8)

I feel like we’ve gotten pretty comfortable with this Saturday routine of ours, so it’s time to step it up a notch.


Otherwise, I’ll never get to the really offensive shit.


I’m going to take some heat for this one, but what the hell – I’ve had a good life, and if an angry mob is to be my end… tell them to bring gummy bears.  I’m all out.


 (as always, if you’re new and confused, I direct thee to the Not Exactly Motivational page, found way up top there, so that you may be caught up and understand the true nature of this fuckery.)



Be Who You Are and Say What You Feel



I am aware that some people will not find this funny; these people cannot be my friends, because this is hilarious.  Look at that guy.  He’s dressed like a goddamned Christmas tree, and he didn’t have to be


Oh yeah, I did my research before putting shit on the internet. 


Turns out, that right there is a Grand Dragon*, and he had the option of wearing a purple robe, but he chose – for what I can only assume are deeply personal reasons that can be traced back to some childhood candy-cane trauma – to look like an elf reject.  Don’t his friends in the black robes look a little embarrassed by his wardrobe choice? 




* I swear I didn’t make that up.  Turns out, these guys just really really want to play D&D but their dads made them put on dresses and pointy hoods and do this instead. 

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