Change The World (NEM #9)

Hey y’all!


Remember last week, when I said we’re done messing around with the easy stuff?


Oh, yeah.  I’m going to get hate mail for this one, I just know it.  If you know anyone who can’t take a joke, please direct them to everywhere but here dot com.*


If you’re pretty sure you can take a joke, and especially love winding people up, we are destined to be BFF’s.  Acquaint yourself with the Not Exactly Motivational page above, and then come back every Saturday for more “motivation.”



A Small Group Can Change The World




*Wow, that domain isn’t taken by a travel agent.  Weird.


One comment on “Change The World (NEM #9)

  1. weebluebirdie says:

    If there were less gods there would be a lot less bother in the world. Having said that, it was one of my Proud Parenting moments when the Kid got to play Jesus in a school assembly. An unbaptised kid born out wedlock. Must have been like that for the Other Jesus.

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