If At First You Don’t Succeed (NEM #10)


I’m feeling pretty comfortable with you at this point – and I hope you feel the same way, like we can bond without having to put on pants and meet face-to-face, you know? – so I’m going to get political with you just this once.


Because I gotta.


Story to go with this week’s post after the jump.  As always, if you wandered in all lost and confused, you can get the full explanation of what in the hell we’re doing here by clicking on the Not Exactly Motivational page (above).

If at first you don't succeed

This is not, as you may have guessed, the original image from October 2015.  Back then, Sarah Palin was doing her “hey, I’d run if anyone wants me to” song and dance and America suddenly looked up and started whistling.

But now it’s dated, and this one is better.  Enjoy!

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