I’m Not Going



Husband is traveling for work again, but at least I can join him again.


Again?  So soon?  I can’t possibly be so lucky, right?


sleazy car salesman

I should have known something was off when this guy offered to book the trip.


ME:  (skyping)Hey, we need to pick a hotel for your trip!
HIM:  K.
ME:  (links suggestions)
HIM:  Ummmm… problem.
ME:  ?
HIM:  The booking system is insisting that I choose the cheapest “preferred” option.*
ME:  Okay…?
HIM:  (links scary hotel that charges you daily if you want clean sheets and towels, or any maid service at all)
ME:  … I’ll miss you!


 Leeloo waving (from 5th Element)



Now, a friend already misunderstood this point, so let me be clear: I understand that most hotels give you the option of not being an eco-terrorist and reusing your towels at least once.***  They also won’t replace your sheets unless you specifically ask, they’re visibly nasty, or if you’re staying long enough.  But either way they don’t charge for this service.  And housekeeping still comes through and vacuums and tidies and offers you clean things if you want them.  Every day.


This place does not do that.  They come through when the room is vacated, to prepare it for the next guest.  That’s it.  You want more than that, you can pay the daily fee and be known as the fussy “fancy” one.

 that's gross (chill out lemur)


Yeah, I’m not going.  He can be miserable all by himself, but I’m not legally obligated to suffer along with him, right?






* I really hate this new policy.  They used to ask that employees use their own good sense to not waste company funds, and that was it.  Clearly, in this case, a hotel that charges extra for clean towels and doesn’t serve breakfast and will probably delay Husband’s return** is not saving the company any money.


** Because he’ll witness a crime, either in the halls or in the parking lot, and be forced to stay and identify suspects, testify in court, etc.


*** I do not always do this.  Probably because I’m a terrible person.  Or maybe it’s just that I know what happens to wet towels in humid climates, and when I had terrible humidity at home the damned towels got washed every day.  Invest in a whole-house dehumidifier, people, and save the planet!



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