The Measure of Success (NEM #11)


Welcome back to another edition of the best-kept secret on the internet.


Well, not the best-kept secret.  I still haven’t told anyone about that thing I saw you googling.  And I won’t, either, because we’re friends.


Long as you keep coming back.


Every week  we get some newbies here checking out the scenery and wondering just what the holy hell is going on, so I will continue with the custom of reminding everyone that a full explanation of what’s wrong with me and why I’m posting these horrible things can be found on the Not Exactly Motivational page, found right up top there.   ↑


And, of course, if you find that you’re easily offended… stick to weekdays!  I mean, I use some questionable language* and I sometimes talk about sex**, but I generally keep it pretty PG up in here Monday-Friday.  Saturday is my day of offensive fuckery, as promised by the Lord.








Yeah, I know, this is another one that can’t possibly have been done in 2015.  You caught me!  But I came across the quote, and it’s so rapey that this face popped into my head and before I knew it, the image had slapped itself together. 


What’s a girl to do?





* Sometimes you fucking need to

** I’m a big fan.  And I’m good at it, so….





One comment on “The Measure of Success (NEM #11)

  1. LuWana says:

    Oh man, this is hilarious in a totally non-PC way, I think I love you.


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