Getting There is The OTHER Half of The Fun



detour sign


Take Two.


We did eventually make it to the testing site… just as they were packing up for the day.  They like to quit early, apparently.  But Husband put in an appearance and verified that they’d received his parts for testing, shipped last week.  On to the “hotel.”


Problem: not only is this place a hole, but it’s a hole that failed to keep our reservation.


scary hotel

Also?  It smelled like a nursing home.  On the outside.


Oh, but all is not lost!  They’ve “upgraded” us to a “double” for free!  And it “was cleaned specially today, by the hotel manager and the general manager.”


Fine, whatever, we’ll go look at the room.



ME:  (stepping into the elevator) seriously, what is that smell?
HIM:  It was smart of me, right, to ask why the general manager was cleaning rooms?
ME:  Ye-
HIM:  I mean, why is the general manager getting involved?
ME:  Because of the bodies.  Duh.
HIM:  Probably.


Did you know that “double” is code for “two single beds?”  I did not know this.  I’ve never even seen a single bed in a hotel in this country, unless it was wheeled in for a child on request.  Queen and King size beds are the norm for hotels in the US, right?  I haven’t gone mad?

 horrible hotel room tiny beds



ME:  (drops purse on sad little bed)
HIM:  Nope, grab your purse.
ME:  (following him back out the door) I don’t understand the sme–
HIM:  Nevermind, let’s just GO! (hustles me back into elevator)
ME:  (sarcastically) Oh, what, is your company suddenly going to agree that “they didn’t keep my room reserved” is reason enough to go to another hotel?
ME:  (shocked)
HIM:  (punches floor button forcefully)
ME:  Holy shit, what are we waiting for?  (hits door close button for good measure)

 let's get the hell outta here


Yup, we called the travel department and not only were they outraged at the treatment we’d received, they offered to book us in to a hotel I’ve always admired from afar.  A suite, no less!  Actually, the suite was available for our whole stay but a cheaper room was only open for the first night, so they suggested that we book only the one night and then ask to extend (thus getting the better room for the cheaper price).


Drooling with anticipation and thrilled with our good fortune (finally, good people get what’s coming to them, right?) I stood at the front desk at the new hotel next to an immense indoor waterfall and listened to the nice lady tell my husband….

 no-no finger wave



Nope, wrong hotel.  The travel department got confused and didn’t look at the addresses.  We were booked at the OTHER one of these in town.  The one with the waterpark in.


So here I am, sitting in a perfectly fine room that does not smell like people died and other people tried to clean it up with spit and elbow grease, and I’m not disappointed, exactly…


But I can see the fancy hotel from our window. 


blue tower


That’s just mean.





One comment on “Getting There is The OTHER Half of The Fun

  1. Awww…..I hate it when that happens! But at least you didn’t have to sleep in that…..whatever that was. :o)


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