Nothing’s Impossible (NEM #15)


And a happy Saturday to you, my lovelies!  Did you sleep in, loll about in your jammies until hunger forced you from your beds?


Are you still not wearing what society would consider “pants?” 


I’m going to assume that the answer to all of these is a sluggish and half-interested “yes” and beam with pride.  You know, as soon as I wake up myself.  I’ve got this thing set to go off at an hour I don’t intend to see, but I’m sure some enterprising soul will take a photo and post it on Instagram, along with their breakfast.


Let’s move on to the “motivation” we’ve all earned, shall we?  As is our custom, motivation is found after the jump, and an explanation of what in the hell I’m doing is found on the Not Exactly Motivational page, the link for which is way up top before my other ramblings ↑




Start by doing what's necessary





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