Salute! (NEM #17)

Well done, lovies!  You’ve survived another week in this crazy, mixed up world and you shall be rewarded.


I’d mix you a drink, but I’m a bit sloshed at the moment and can’t be trusted with glassware.  Instead, have this bit of “motivation” to get you perked up for yet another week of…. more of the same, really.  I’m sorry, I’m not in charge of enough things.  Again, it’s because of the “dropping” and the “inappropriate language” and all those other completely unfair but totally accurate complaints against me.


Ooh, and before I forget: if you’re new and confused, take a peek up yonder at the Not Exactly Motivational page.  There you will find a full explanation of just what the hell I’m doing here and why, as well as links to the other times I’ve done it.  Fair warning: if you’re easily offended, don’t click!


Salute the Doer



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