Phones On a Plane


What have I got for you today?  A rant.


It’s cool, this is a short one.


You’ve all seen this by now, yeah?


Pilot whisper confession phone on plane is safe

Probably NOT a pilot.


Well, it winds me up.  Here’s the thing: there is literally no way for every single piece of equipment, every system on a plane, to be tested against interference from every single model of phone, tablet, and mobile gadget on the market.  Because new devices come out all the time, and there’s no standard of what they’re allowed to do, and older model planes are still in use.  So it’s been decided that the safest thing to do is to say that you’re not permitted to use mobile devices during takeoff and landing because those are vulnerable times. 


That’s my simplified explanation, anyway.  Husband has one that includes lots of made-up terms that have numbers in, like that’s really necessary.  But I’ve heard the longer explanation, so when I saw that “confession,” I filed it away to mention to him the next time I needed to distract him.

No, I don’t remember what he was on about when I deployed this tactic.  It might have been something I did?  Or didn’t do?  Or something I made him do?  Honestly, I don’t keep track and it’s not the point, so quit trying to distract me.



HIM:  Yeah, we don’t know.  And it’s really irresponsible for a pilot to say that.
ME:  20,000 feet is not the time to find out that the newest iphone does indeed interfere with certain systems.
HIM:  Exactly. Then you’ve got thirty people using the same model…
ME:  Yeah, maybe one won’t do it, but thirty?  Or maybe just ten of them using the same app?
ME:  That last one’s a bit of a stretch, I know –
HIM:  No, that could cause a problem.
ME:  And you know people would use the track my flight app.
HIM:  “Your plane is crashing and it’s your fault.  Asshole.”
ME:  Screenshot!
HIM:  (stunned)
ME:  I’ve got an OtterBox case.  Don’t even give a fuck.
HIM:  (laughs)





One comment on “Phones On a Plane

  1. Green Embers says:

    Hah, the guy probably is a pilot but not an aerospace engineer. It’s such a simple thing to turn off the phone and other devices, I really don’t know why people fight it so much…


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