If You Want It Done Right… (NEM #18)

Today’s “motivation” comes to you from Albert Einstein.  Who, from all accounts, was a very smart man, so clearly we should pay close attention to today’s lesson.

I like to think I captured the spirit, the essence of what he was thinking when he said these words.

As is our custom, let’s all take a quick moment to stare awkwardly at the new kid, who’s got no clue what NEM Saturday is all about… and then direct him or her to the Not Exactly Motivational page, found way up at the tippy top there.  You see it?  Cool, click that and then come back here once you know what lies beyond the jump.  Don’t worry, we’ll wait for you.

Thankful to those who said no

One comment on “If You Want It Done Right… (NEM #18)

  1. ACKKK! You are so bad! (Thanks for the genuine L.O.L. – I needed it!)


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