Dream (NEM #19)

No sarcasm this week, just a sincere thank you: Not Exactly Motivational has grown a real and loyal following, and I’m genuinely grateful to each and every one of you who get me.  Not only do you like, share, and comment supportively* on these posts, but we are 19 weeks into this little share-fest and I’ve managed to show you Hitler and the KKK and Donald Trump and got zero hate for it.  At least, none that anyone bothered to share, which is basically the same thing.

In a world where people get hate for talking about things that other people created, for doing their damned job, or for just walking down the street while unrepentantly being themselves, I’m stunned that I somehow – on the internet, of all places! – found the people who understand what I’m doing and can laugh at the dark, the racist, and the outright clueless right along with me. 

To reward you, this week we’re gonna keep it light: just a simple naked lady right after the jump.

Waaait for it…. and-click-the-Not-Exactly-Motivational-link-up-top-if-you’re-new-because-otherwise-you-don’t-know-what’s-going-on-yet…. NOW.


 Follow Your Dreams



 *I wrote it down, therefore it’s a word


3 comments on “Dream (NEM #19)

  1. weebluebirdie says:

    I admire your lack of hate mail. I have made the fatal error of having a Mixed Blog. Apparently one cannot have a bit of art and poetry then throw in something unpalatable about one’s life – reeks of insincerity you see. Must throw myself under that steam roller to become one-dimensional.

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    • I think maybe it helps that I haven’t got an established niche here: It’s not a mommy blog or a fitness blog or a lifestyle blog or a craft blog… then again, doing one of those Very Specific Things helps you get noticed, which I am mostly not. Harder for people to complain that I let them down when they haven’t found me, lol

      Save the hate mail for when you need a good laugh – you’re doing fabulous stuff and living an actual life, which is way better than whatever they’re doing that leaves time for hating on you.


  2. weebluebirdie says:

    Thank you – I needed to hear that 🙂 In my Rational Head I do think WTF do they know – they’re taking random lines from posts written ages ago and taking it out of context. Another blogging friend mentioned that my sparse writing; which invites reading between the lines, could be part of it too. These people just skim the words and take it at face value. I don’t feel the need to do a Specific Thing either; and would rather do whatever pops into my head. After all, most of us are multi-faceted!!! I think part of the problem might be down to WP. I’ve noticed in some other blogs that it displays related content by other writers. So I guess it must depend on tags and categories you have. This would explain the random readers I’ve had lately – good and bad. I’ve changed settings now, and actually, it’s quite satisfying turning them to Spam – or at least it is if you visualise them becoming actual minced up meat!!!


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