Just Breathe (NEM #22)


Here we are again, another lovely Saturday.  Cup of tea (or tequila, I won’t judge) at our side, fully prepared to wring some enjoyment and relaxation out of our weekend.  Because we’ve earned this, dammit.  We slacked off hard all week, didn’t we?  We ignored laundry and deadlines and our very families in the name of slacking.  Sometimes, when things got a little too hot, we maybe had to hide in a broom closet.  And if there was already a book and a snack set aside in that broom closet?  Again, I don’t judge.


Judging is work.


Me, I’ve had to slack off a bit on the slacking, but it’s okay because I know that all of you have been slacking extra hard for me.  I felt it.  We’re linked now, by the bonds of our shared affection for these twisted little things I make.  I’ve been so moved by the response to these (mostly it was the lack of angry mob, the absence of torches and pitchforks) that I’ve even begun to create some new ones that were not part of the original set last year.


That’s love, innit?


Now, before you get all sappy on me, go ahead and click either:


  • The Not Exactly Motivational link (found at the top of this page or any other on this site) so that you might fully understand just what the fresh fuck is wrong with me and why I’m doing this, because I don’t want you to break my streak of people who Don’t Get It quietly going away without feeling the need to say anything


  • The “more” button thing down below, which will whisk you away to this week’s magical message of motivational mischief.  (Alliteration.  It’s a thing professional writers can do.  I’ve done it, so now someone has to pay me.  That’s how it works.)






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