Can’t Fight It (NEM #27)

Welcome back!!! 

Yes, I had to shout, because I’m bitter.  You’re clearly hung over from that fabulous Halloween party, and I’m working all weekend, unable to go to any Halloween parties.  I thought, this year, that since Halloween falls on a stupid Monday that I’d finally get to go and do something (you’ll recall that I work in a haunted house as a scare actor and makeup artist) but no, everyone decided to have their parties on Friday or Saturday, when my haunt is open.  Selfish bastards. 

But that’s alright, we’re moving past it.  Now is the time for motivation, eh?  As always, I will insist that if you’re new you direct your eyeballs and your mouse pointer up past my initial scream to the Not Exactly Motivational link (you’ll find one at the top of every page on this site, actually) so that you might click it and learn just what the holy hell is going on here.  You only get this one chance to avoid being offended and scarred for life, so please: take it seriously.  For the rest of you, go ahead and click below.

Don't Hide The Madness.png

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