It’s All About Attitude (NEM #28)


We come once again to another Saturday, which means it’s time for me to motivate you.


I went to pull out this week’s image, but the one I reached for was, frankly, one I had never been all that happy with, and I took this opportunity to give it a bit of a spruce.  More about that after you see it.


For those of you who have not yet have the pleasure, welcome to Saturdays!  We do a weird little thing here, and you can read about it by clicking the Not Exactly Motivational link wherever you find it (usually at the top of any page) – I highly recommend doing this before you click the more link below, just in case you’re one of those easily offended types.  No worries, it’ll be back to the usual whining about my dreamy husband on Monday!





Okay, about that spruce: I should never do this.  It depresses me.   But I think you’ll all agree that the final product is worth the cost of that little piece of my soul, right?  Please remember that this week’s image is very real, and unedited, and one of many such places.  


And that’s why I drink.



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