Save The Date


We are now officially counting down to the most exciting holiday of this month…


pinecone turkey

Hint: not this one.


The Gilmore Girls “revival” episodes!



It would be impossible to overstate the level of my excitement about this, truly.  This, and the insane number of lists I’m making right now (so much cooking to plan, you guys) is just about all that’s keeping me calm until I’m legally permitted to decorate for Christmas


Naturally, I decided that the reasonable thing to do would be to re-watch the entire series on Netflix.  You know, to catch up before the big day.  Husband is not down with this plan.



HIM:  No.
ME:  Why not?
HIM:  (not even looking up from Civ VI)  Because that’s insane.


I knew that game was a mistake.  Learn from my missteps, Readers: never give your spouse the one thing they say they want very most in the whole wide world for their birthday – you’ll never see them again, and you’ll have lost your leverage.


ME:  So you won’t watch Gilmore Girls with me?
HIM:  (distracted by war with Russia)  Yeah, I will.
ME:  (surprised)  Co-
HIM:  Wait.  The new episodes.  On the 25th.  Not the whole seven seasons that I’ve seen three times and you’ve seen thirty.
ME:  You have not seen it three times.
HIM:  But you’re not disputing the thirty?
ME:  …
HIM:  (smug)
ME:  I am!  I’ve seen it maybe three.  Or five.  Ish.
HIM:  (skeptical)
ME:  Oy, with the poodles already!


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