Or Maybe a Wall? (NEM #29)


Another week, another Saturday, eh?  And we’ve earned the crap out of this Saturday, haven’t we?


Yes, my loves, we have.


I’ll be honest: I really wanted to get political here.  After all, if not now, when?  Most of my blog is absolutely not for that, for reasons that I’m not quite finished exploring, and I reserve the right to make changes later (it is, after all, mine) but Saturdays are different, right?  So I sat down to really tear into this week… and found that I’d already gone there, in my own way.  Several times.  So… yeah.  I don’t do repeats – that’s just vulgar!- but in going through my stash of ready-made motivators, I found what I was looking for.  More than once.


It seems I’ve been political all along.


As always, the uninitiated are instructed to click the Not Exactly Motivational link (found here or at the top of every single page on this site) so that they might know exactly what it is they’re about to dive into.  The rest of you may click below and enjoy.






One comment on “Or Maybe a Wall? (NEM #29)

  1. I tried not to be political as well and then I am.


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