Plastic Makes It Possible (NEM #31)


Welcome to Saturday, be ye feasted or foreign.  (More of that alliteration thing.  Seriously, someone’s supposed to be sending checks… )  Have you stuffed your faces until you can’t fit into your fat pants?  Shopped ’til you drop-kicked the thing you waited in line for out of sheer frustration?  Tossed the relations out on their collective ear, only to invite them back for Christmas?


Non-U.S. readers, are you glad you’re not us right now?


I’ve got a fresh one for you this week, but the uninitiated will be required to click the Not Exactly Motivational link (either that one or the one found at the top of every page of this blog) before continuing.  This, as long-time readers know, is the only thing keeping me from getting lynched, run out of town by an angry mob, and sued.  In that order.  So please, find out what it is you’re getting into before you click the “more” link below.  Those of you who are used to the salinity of our Saturday fare can dive right in.







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