Priorities crazy motivational poster


It’s incredibly important for married couples to share priorities and values.  Or, so I’m told.  Me, I’m just sort of flinging myself through life and I got lucky enough to find a man who either hangs on or follows behind, patiently scooping up my dropped sunglasses, socks, wallet…



ME:  I need to go to the craft store.
HIM:  Need?
ME:  I need to buy some tiny bells.
HIM:  Need?
ME:  It’s for a joke.
HIM:  That’s legit.  What kind of bells?


See?  That’s the sort of thing they don’t work into standard wedding vows, but you’d better believe I’ll bring it up if we ever renew ours.  Which, since we did them ourselves the first time, mostly dealt with where wet towels go and promising to never be boring.


We’ve tried to raise our kid with the same values, but children are individuals, not clones or accessories.  He’s his own person and, as such, sometimes doesn’t fully appreciate what I’m doing in the great performance art piece that is My Life.


OFFSPRING:  What do you need all these bells for?
ME:  A joke.
OFFSPRING:  Why so many?
ME:  I said I’d be there with bells on.
OFFSPRING:  Where are you even going to put them all?
ME:  I’ll sew them on.  It’ll be fine.





13 comments on “Priorities

  1. Can’t wait to see the finished product. That is a lot of bells to sew on.


  2. I love wearing bells. Isn’t there a character in the Phantom Tollbooth who says she wears bells so she can find herself?


  3. Scribe says:

    Are you going to sew them to your left leg, for people to pull on?

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  4. kedawithani says:

    😂Hahah… cute post…

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Jennifer says:

    And was this appreciated? I had to laugh because throughout high school I wore bells on my sneakers. It was a way to both announce myself and annoy teachers at the same time. Now I appreciate teachers, back then I didn’t.

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  6. Losing the Plot says:

    Lol! If it wasn’t for the fact I was there when I pushed the wee bugger out and then didn’t let him go for 6 months – I’d think he was someone else’s – totally different sense of humour, doesn’t like bananas, isn’t a pick of fat on him, likes running. How the F did I create that?

    I get what you’re saying.

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