Angels Who Weep (NEM#32)


Saturday dawns, but sluggishly, as though it’s had quite enough of this rising and shining business and, frankly, wouldn’t mind a lie-in once in a while.  But lo!  We of the Saturday Crowd* demand a proper Saturday: with malfunctionng alarm clocks that suddenly remember their true calling; pets who have never learned to work a calendar no matter how many times we patiently explain it to them while they stare with their sincere-yet-disinterested eyes; and a motivational message to get us through the weekend in good cheer humor, so that we might face the week to come with something less that murderous rage.


Those of you who only wander through when Facebook or Twitter alerts you that I’ve posted something new are now thoroughly confused, and that’s okay.  I just need you to click the Not Exactly Motivational link (there’s also one at the top of every page, if you don’t like that one) and read the explanation you find there.  It’s a liability thing… can’t have you getting offended by what’s beyond the jump, right?


For the rest of you…





*In my imaginings, you really do only read these on Saturday.  You drag your bleary, hung-over eyes open one at a time, fumble for your phone or other assistive device, and grasp for the Saturday Motivational like a mid-century drunk for his “special” bible.





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