Study Hard (NEM #34)


The holiday season is upon us; family is descending in droves, or just whining about who did or didn’t go where for which day and what that says about their devotion to faaaaaamily.  Ah, precious memories in the making.  Have another glass of the nog – you put plenty of brandy in there, right? – and let it all fade away while you warm your toes with that pilfered blanket and tuck in to another episode of weekend motivativeness.


This week, I’m once again taking the obvious route, combining Saw and Seuss, but I know you’ll forgive me – after all, it’s a classic for a reason, right?  And, for those of you looking forward to a school break, this one will be especially timely.  Standard rules apply: if you’ve never done this before, you MUST click the Not Exactly Motivational link and read the full explanation of what the actual fuck is wrong with me and why I do this shit even at Christmas before you can continue on.  The initiated may, of course, simply click the “more” link below.








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