Wait For It… (NEM #35)


Merry Christmas Eve, my lovelies!  Please know that you, who are reading this right now, are my actual favorite people in the whole world.  Yes, you are.  You, after all, are Subscribers.  (Or you’ve just stumbled around the internet until you found this page months after I posted, in which case, welcome anyway!  Go click the Not Exactly Motivational link and come meet us back here, once you fully understand what you’ve got yourself into.)  As you know, I don’t share these Saturday posts with just anyone… Facebook followers don’t get an inkling, I don’t tweet about them… not a peep goes out, save the little blip that alerts you, the loyal email or WordPress Subscriber that I’ve posted something.  And, in my mind, you roll over in your bed, groggy from last night’s mistakes exertions, and press your phone to your nose as you try to read through sorely abused and dehydrated eyeballs.  It’s the grown-up version of Christmas morning, every single week!


But… somehow, it doesn’t feel right to post something apocalyptic on Christmas Eve, does it?  Neither does it seem right to break with tradition.  What to do, what to do?  Never fear, I’ve got just the thing… you can even share it with any wee sprogs who are bugging the shit out of you today, in case you’re out of suitable holiday cartoons.  Enjoy!  (Unless you’ve been sent to go learn about NEM, in which case you should go do that and then come back and enjoy.)








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