The Morning After


Happy Boxing day, one and all!


Some cursory bit of research has taught me that the traditions of this day include excellent tipping and more gifts, mostly of a charitable nature.  We, I’m sure, will get around to all of that just as soon as we wade through all of these empty boxes and stray bits of ribbon I keep finding.  Why is it no one around here can be arsed to clear their presents out from under the tree for days after Christmas?  We unwrap, then carefully stack them right back under the tree as if we’re not going to have to put them away at some point.



Yeah, that’s probably why.



Anyway, due to the infestation of glitter (seriously, my addiction went into overdrive this year, and when you’ve wrapped in glitter paper with glitter bows and glitter tags, it sheds like a disco blizzard) and all new clutter, I’m not good for much of an update. 


What I do have is this picture of the Big Good Boy snuggling his* new stuffed pig on his fluffy new pillow: 





Santa settled on delivering that giant fluffy pillow after Husband found another one that was, frankly, a terrible idea. pizza dog bed screenshot


HIM:  38” diameter, not in stock.**
ME:  Brindle would try to nom it at some point.  And get sick.  “Years of restful nights” my ASS.
HIM:  But until then she’d be SO HAPPY.
ME:  Not paying $80 for her to have a pillow for a week.  How long was that Burger King advert in the house before she stole it out of the trash?
HIM:  I’d say hours, but that’d be a stretch.  She had it in a snap.
ME:  And that was FREE.



Yes, that’s a thing.  My dog once stole a giant paper cutout of a cheeseburger from out of the trash and snuck off with it like it was the real thing.


brindle greyhound in brindle coat

Criminal Mastermind



Incidentally, I seem to have confused my stepmother again this year with our tradition of takeout for Christmas dinner.  We started it a few years ago when we were moving on Boxing Day and the kitchen was in no shape for putting on a holiday meal, but it was so easy and wonderful (no dishes!) that it’s stuck.  Christmas curry is my usual, but we all get whatever.  Anyway, when we spoke on the phone she asked about “the ham” and really seemed to have difficulty with the concept that I don’t put on a full dinner.  Please tell me I’m not alone, that more of you have discovered the magic of a no-cooking, no-cleanup Christmas.


Let’s see, what else… well, I could tell you what we spent Christmas doing, but I feel like it would be more amusing to show you.  See, I got Dishonored 2 for Christmas (!!!  So much excite) but didn’t really get to play because someone’s massive download took all fucking day.  But when it was over, this happened and it was all worth it:  


"killed by yourself" screen

Those speeder bikes must be more complicated than the Ewoks made them look…




* It actually came out of the Brindle’s stocking, but he confiscated it pretty quickly.  She’ll have to make do with her singing, dancing marshmallow.***


** Currently in stock, in case you happen to have a dog who can tell the difference between food and a picture of food.


*** Yes, really.




6 comments on “The Morning After

  1. JenS says:

    That is a lot of glitter. The house will forever be covered in glitter now.
    That is a very sweet dog. Greyhound? I think the dog bed would make for interesting conversation when people come over, but it’s not worth it if she is just going to eat it. I read somewhere that dogs and cats have a poor sense of taste too. Which makes a lot of sense when you think about all the weird things they eat and lick.
    We originally wanted take-out this year. Ended up with leftovers and lots of chocolate. Mmm chocolate.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Well, this was a delightful Christmas read. And man, why do we do that with the presents? Laziness must be the reason, you’re right.
    That last pic is pretty amazing. Nice work. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Lutheranliar says:

    I wish I had a dog so I could get one of those pizza dog beds (!)

    Liked by 2 people

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