Diet and Exercise (NEM #36)


Seasons greetings, lovelies!  Quick warning: I am, of course, already sloshed.  2016 thoroughly fucked me over, and I’m done with it.  Done, I say!  Been drinking for a couple days now, I think… maybe weeks?  It’s hard to tell, since between the booze and Dishonored 2 (oh my God, seriously, I wake up thinking about how I can get past that guard, or grab that rune) and all the chocolate… it’s all been a blur.  But hey, that’s what the resolutions are for, right?  And speaking of…


But wait!  If you’re new (and, according to my ever-expanding list of subsribers – welcome, by the way – some of you are definitely new) then you must first complete the Rite of Clicking.  Just click this Not Exactly Motivational link (or the one found at the top of every page of this blog) and read about the long and sordid history of our little Saturday ritual.  Otherwise, you won’t understand and you’ll be offended and your whole year will be ruined.  At least, that’s what the angry voices tell me.  And that’s why I don’t work in retail anymore.


For the rest of you, see you in 2017!  I’ll be sober by then, maybe







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