Right and Might (NEM #37)


Look at us, blazing along through 2017 like it’s nothing!  I was thoroughly impressed with myself, until I realized that I hadn’t properly hung the new calendar, and had only left it open to a pretty picture.  Oh, well.  Januaries are tricky, not everyone gets it right the first time out… or the thirtieth… so let’s all cut each other a little slack and settle in with a nice cup of tea and some motivation-ish before that mid-morning nap we promised ourselves.  Or was that only on my Resolutions?


As always, I will direct the fresh meat, the forgetful, and the overly sensitive snoeflaykes to the Not Exactly Motivational link (that one will do, if you’ve got something against the one at the top of every single page of this blog) before viewing what’s after the jump, so that you might fully understand what it is you’re about to expose yourself to.  I’ve not gotten any hate mail for these yet, which only goes to show that the same four people are looking at them every week and the rest are popping by once and running scared.  Either that, or my Aunt Shirley was wrong about me, and I’m not actually the devil incarnate – this news would disappoint her sorely, so let’s just assume it’s a statistical issue, m’kay? 






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