Don’t Blink (NEM #38)


Happy lazy Saturday, everyone!  


Unless you have dogs.  Dogs are great companions, but not so good at reading a calendar, so you probably woke up about the same time you always do.


Unless you have cats.  Cats are assholes who can absolutely read a calendar, which means you probably woke up even earlier than usual.*


Okay, enough about your pets – they’re cute and all, but we came here to get motivated, right?  Right.  Well, some of you did.  If you know the score, just click like you always do and go look right now.**  If you’ve never been here before: there’s no scary paperwork or waiver, but you do have to click the Not Exactly Motivational link first, just so you can’t ever say nobody warned you.  That’ll also help you catch up, in case that’s a thing you’re into.  







*  I have both, and a lock on the bedroom door.  Plus, I still have a teenager, and the animals love nothing better than to harass him about breakfast and whatnot.


**  I am aware that this week’s image isn’t universally recognized.  I considered not using this one, I really did.  But, two things: first, most of the pop culture references I’ve used fly over someone’s head, and I’ve always been okay with that because google is a thing and people can figure shit out or move the fuck on; second, if you don’t know this one, we can’t be friends anyway, so I’ve decided to pretend that the comprehension rate is 100%.



4 comments on “Don’t Blink (NEM #38)

  1. Victor Kivisto says:

    Who doesn’t recognize that image? People not worth knowing! That’s why I made a Christmas tree topper weeping angel with motorized arms. Creepy as all get out to turn away for a second and then look back to see the snarl.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks for the motivation. I may get out of bed today.

    Liked by 1 person

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