He Shouldn’t Jest


One of the nice things about having my husband home more is that he’s had more energy for some of our leisure activities.


Like gaming!


This gives me even more time to mock him relentlessly, which I know you enjoy, so let’s skip right to this thing: 




I mean, what the fuck, right?



ME:  What the hell – is that you?
HIM:  Yeah!
ME:  No.  Take that ridiculous thing off.
HIM:  (laughing) It’s cool!
GUILD LEADER:  (begins calling out instructions)
ME:  Nope.  Sorry.  I’m gonna have to ask everyone to stop and take a moment to mock my husband and that ridiculous thing he’s wearing.
HIM:  (laughing)
GUILD MEMBER:  You married that guy?
ME:  Yep.  And I’ve already pointed out that I made a character that looks like me and he made a character that looks like a crack dealer.
GUILD:  (more or less at the same time)  Ooh, he totally does!
HIM:  And I maintain that I wouldn’t buy crack from that guy.
ME:  Y’all see what I put up with?
GUILD LEADER:  Well, let’s see if we can’t get him killed for you.



Unfortunately, all the energy in the world doesn’t make up for the uncooperative back that landed him at home all the time, so he usually has to bail early.  That bit is still frustrating for me, though I find that a steady diet of Dishonored 2 and my own raid goals makes for an effective salve.



ME:  Okay, I’m finally done for the night
HIM:  That took a while
ME:  Yeah, I’m not tired yet, just got sick of Red’s shit.  They’ve got numbers on us, but they’re still gonna hide behind siege like pussies?  It’s just wasteful!
HIM:  (placating)  It is.
ME:  I’m serious!  Someone needs to report them to the EPA!
HIM:  Well, technically, we’re the ones out there burning it…




I’ve been playing a healer lately… It’s really mellowed me, don’t you think?




2 comments on “He Shouldn’t Jest

  1. Just found your blog (all hail the Bloggess!) and love it.

    My wife and I devoted several months to several free-to-play, pay-to-win online games (some might call it wasted, but I don’t listen to those ppl anymore). You ever heard of one called Dark Ages?

    The graphics on these new fangled games looks so awesome, I think I might be returning to an old hobby. I might even be able to convince my wife that it’s work related. Like research!

    Anyway, so glad to find that we’re not the only couples out there that can do the married ppl stuff through games too.

    Liked by 1 person

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