Come On, Get Happy (NEM #39)


Is everyone else hung over and treading the waters of Denial this unholy Saturday?  Well, I can’t do much about whatever’s making you miserable, anxious, and stabby toward 18% of the adult population (rough estimation, someone find a sober mathematician to check my figures), but I can offer you… clowns!


Shut up, this one’s actually pretty deep… and it just keeps making more piles.


As always, I will ask that all new readers place their non-wine-swilling hand on the mouse and click the Not Exactly Motivational link.  This is for your own good, you know: it’s the best way for you to figure out what the holy fuck is wrong with me before you click onward and get a faceful of Saturday.  For the previously initiated, I present the humble “more” tag, below.





One comment on “Come On, Get Happy (NEM #39)

  1. I’m digging ur sense of humor. (hate Hate HATE the fucking IT clown, so tying it with an Anne Frank quote is hilarious)

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