Yes, I Made The Mac & Cheese Donuts


If you know me, you know that YouTube videos are a substantial part of my daily diet.  It’s basically



pie chart



So when I saw this… well, you can guess what happened next.





ME:  Honey!  Come look at this!
HIM:  What am I looking at?
ME:  (shows clip of donut being pulled apart)
HIM:  That… looks horrible.  We’re not doing that.
ME:  Oh, yes we are!
HIM:  Why?
ME:  Look at it!  It’s magnificent!
HIM:  (leaves)



I’ve no idea why Husband was so down on this initially, but he’s not the only man in my life.  I’ve got a backup dude, and he’s 17 and will eat anything.



ME:  Look at this!
OFFSPRING:  That… Looks… AWESOME.  So, we’re doing that, right?
ME:  Of course.  Can you believe your father didn’t want anything to do with these?
OFFSPRING:  I’ve long suspected there was something wrong with him.



Couple of things:

  1. Corinne is right, there’s just no point in making your own mac & cheese for this project. You’re going to fry it, for fuck’s sake.  Fry.  It.
  2. I looked all over for an actual recipe, and all I found were disgusting recipes that involved making mac & cheese and then pureeing it (gross) and forming that into a donut shape, to be either baked or fried.   We wanted real mac & cheese, like in the goddamned Instagram video.
  3. Since I don’t believe in half-assing anything, I decided to add some Cheetos to the breadcrumb mixture. Just toss them in your food processor or blender until they become a fine, yet sticky, dust.  (The MSG actually helps the new breading mixture stick, which is, as Martha tells us, a Good Thing)
  4. I had no interest in forming this shit by hand, so I was scouting the store for donut molds when I realized I’ve got perfectly good mini Bundt pans at home. Isn’t that the same fucking thing?
  5. It is.



So… yeah.  We did that thing.  And it was glorious.  Plus, when I dropped the first one in, the oil immediately turned a weird burnt orange.  I was concerned, but hovering Husband and Offspring assured me that this was normal, even patriotic now.





Husband watched the whole cooking process without complaint or negativity, having decided that these “monstrosities” looked damned tasty and that he was hungry after all.  Which brings me to



ME: You want the first one?
HIM:  Yeah!
ME:  There you go.  Just let me take a picture when you pull it apart.
HIM:  (takes a bite)  Oh my God… so cheesy… (sounds of distress)  I’m gonna…
ME:  You okay?
HIM:  (takes another bite)
ME:  You’re fine.
HIM:  … Heart attack…



mac & cheese donut

No gooey stringy cheese shot, because it was too HOT when they broke into it.  You’ve gotta wait for it to cool, guys!







5 comments on “Yes, I Made The Mac & Cheese Donuts

  1. You’re friggin hilarious. Nasty, but hilarious


  2. One of these days I am going to make these too! Not today though. Feeling too lazy. Or you could just send me some.


  3. I had no idea my hopes and dreams existed in deep-fried form but consider me enlightened.

    Liked by 1 person

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