Chances (NEM #40)


As we shamble, bleary-eyed, from the smoldering wreck of yet another week we find ourselves asking, “Is it worth it?”


Of course it is!  Because here we are, on another lazy, hazy Saturday (or maybe that’s just here… you might not get the haze where you’re at, if there are burn bans and sensible environmental policies) and if I know you, you’re refusing to even get out of bed until I’ve properly motivated you. 


Now, on the slight chance that I don’t know you – say, you’ve stumbled on this blog looking for some other sarcastic lunatic who seems oddly obsessed with ducks, or you were only looking for Actual Conversations With Hitler and got sidetracked – I must, for liability reasons direct you to click the Not Exactly Motivational link before continuing.  Don’t worry, you’ll get a full explanation there, as well as a link to all the Saturday goodness, so you’ll be all caught up… if that’s still what you want, after reading about what you’re in for.  The rest of you can read on in the usual fashion; you know the way.





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