Love… Finds a Way (NEM #41)


Oh, I’m in a romantic mood just now.  I’m sure you want to know why, but you’ll have to wait for the explanation because there’s a bunch of bullshit I have to tell you about first; isn’t it always the way?  And here we are, tantalizingly close to the most expensive sex-based holiday of the whole year, breathless with anticipation for…




As always, if you’ve found your way here by accident, having stumbled fresh from your cult-leader’s bunker, I’m very sorry that I’m what you found first.  Also, you’ve got to click the Not Exactly Motivational link (that one right there, just hover over it and depress the leftmost mouse button) so that you may read about why I do this, what it is we’re doing here, and basically be warned off about how offensive this all is.  The rest of you are here because you’ve got an excellent sense of humor and the ability to click off of things that offend you and come back in a few days to see if I’ve recovered my senses, so you may proceed in the usual fashion.







* Not Exactly.



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