A Mother’s Love (NEM #42)


Welcome back to Saturday!  Raise your hand if you’re glad we don’t call it “caturday.”


You know what I miss about working in an office?  Absolutely nothing.  Ever.  Except maybe when Valentine’s day falls in the middle of the week.  Since there’s that weird question of which weekend will be “the weekend” anyway (we try to pick the one least populated by other couples, so our evening out isn’t packed full of teenagers trying too hard to prove this five-week-old relationship is “the one”)  I figure I should at least get the little thrill of having the biggest flower delivery in Cubeland.  But this year I have all of you, and we’ve got our own secret little Saturday club, and I’ve decided to keep today light and fun and romantic and genuinely inspirational.


If you believe any of that, you are clearly new here, and need to click the Not Exactly Motivational link (found right there or at the top of any web page worth reading) before continuing.  If you already knew better, go ahead and proceed in your usual fashion.









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