Failure (NEM #44)


Today is Saturday the 25th, the very last Saturday in February.  Which means we’ve not only survived another week, but we’ve survived another February.  Give yourself a pat on the back, if you’re not still laying on it; if you are, just… sort of… you know, roll over a bit and tap your shoulder.  Yeah, close enough.  We did it!  February is the acknowledged worst month on the entire calendar – which is why we’ve made it so short, but clearly those efforts were not enough to mitigate the awfulness that is February.  Ah, but spring is upon us, and soon there will be flowers and pollen and baby bunnies getting chewed up in riding mowers because selfish assholes insist that they need a giant fucking riding mower for their tiny suburban lawn.


And that’s why you need our little motivational Saturdays, right?  Well, unless you’re new to Saturdays, in which case you’ve got to click the Not Exactly Motivational link before you can continue; nothing to worry about, we just need to make sure you understand what you’re getting into and give you a chance to get all caught up.  The rest of you, feel free to proceed in your usual fashion – and spend a few seconds not thinking about those poor baby bunnies.  Because next week, I’ll probably mention the baby birds that fall out of the nest and meet a similar fate or worse.









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