Sing Out (NEM #45)


Oh, Saturday.  How we’ve missed you.  Where’ve you been all week, huh?  I mean, Monday comes around more often than seems fair, but you’re so elusive; hell, you mostly sneak past while we’re sleeping.  What’s that about?


Whatever.  I can’t make Saturday behave, or belonger, but I can “motivate” the crap out of you, to brace you for the week ahead – and isn’t that what I’m famous* for?


Yes.  Yes it is.


For those of you who didn’t realize that Saturdays are a thing here, welcome!  Also, please stop right now (well, just ahead a bit, at the end of this sentence) and click the Not Exactly Motivational link provided here or at the top of each and every page of this quality establishment, so that you can make an informed decision about whether or not to proceed and also catch up with the really cool kids.  Cool kids, do like you do every other week.  Not like I can stop you, right?  I’m probably not cool enough….








* Here “famous” is used for its less commonly accepted definition, which essentially means “known to only a very few people who frequently forget all about it.”



2 comments on “Sing Out (NEM #45)

  1. This is my favorite one as of late! Bahaha!


  2. bekahrigby says:

    Gaaaaawd, I love you.


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