And Bigly (NEM #51)


So much happened this week, I think we all really need a Saturday.  Myself, I need a better recipe for whiskey fudge—the last batch came out way too soft and gooey, though after a few pieces I was too sauced to care.  Somebody hook me up in the comments, m’kay?


Meanwhile, let’s get to some motivatin’—because that’s how we do around here, of a saturday.  We motivate.  Well, “motivate,” anyway.


If you’re new enough to have no idea why “motivate” needs airquotes, the Not Exactly Motivational link is for you!  That’s also the place to catch up on past NEM’s, in case you’re still interested after reading what we’re about here.  Oh, and I’m posting them on Instagram daily, so if you don’t mind having your family know that you find this sort of thing hilarious while they’re finding out what you ate for lunch, go check that out.



Think Big








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