Once Upon A Dream, Take II


Today’s post is a response to The Book Bloggers Flash Fiction Foray Challenge.  Yes, I know I already did that on Friday.  But this was actually the first piece I wrote and, frankly, I still like it better.  It’s just not in the usual way, so I hesitated a bit.  Then I had a good laugh at myself because since when do I hesitate?



Rain, guaranteed to deepen any dark mood and ruin any good day, pelted against the window in a soothing rhythm; heavier, thrumming fit to rattle the panes then gentling as the wind shifted, winging droplets at a new target. 

She heard all of this and none of this, the music swelling around her as she slicked yet another coat of thick red gloss on her lips, no admiration in the heavy-lidded gaze she returned in the mirror.  Her phone bleated, though the sound that reached her ears was softer, muddled; with her left hand she silenced the device, toppling an empty prescription bottle in the process.  The time for talking was long past, and her dreams beckoned.





10 comments on “Once Upon A Dream, Take II

  1. Jaded Jeni says:

    That’s dark and utterly beautiful. Love it. ♥♥♥

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  2. I’m glad you decided to post this one too! I really enjoyed the darker and more morose feel, it ties in brilliantly with the song.

    Best wishes, Matt

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  3. Ooooh that’s very dark and mysterious, I like it. I could almost see her applying the lipstick so good was the description 🙂

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  4. Ooh I like this one, too. A little dark and twisty, and the imagery is excellent.

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  5. […] conversations with my husband – Once Upon A Dream, Take II – this second response (!) is much darker and captures the more husky and morose feel Lana […]


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