Skip the Pixie Dust (NEM #53)


It’s Saturday!  Again!  Did anybody else have cookies for breakfast?  Excellent—keep on living your best life. 


This week, we’re starting something new—hidden after the jump, of course.  Those of you who have been here before can carry on as usual, but if you’re new, I do need you to click the Not Exactly Motivational link to catch up.  From there, you’ll get a full explanation of what we’re doing and why, along with links to all the past Saturday posts (you can also follow me on Instagram to catch up, if that’s your thing).



You Can Fly



Guessed the new theme yet?  It’s quotes from beloved children’s stories… with my own twist, of course.  Hey, the classics had it coming.





2 comments on “Skip the Pixie Dust (NEM #53)

  1. Angela Sims says:

    Love. Love. Love! Great theme, and can’t wait to see what your fabulously twisted mind will come up with.

    You are one of my favorite Saturday things! And cookies.

    Liked by 1 person

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