Think Good Thoughts (NEM #54)


Welcome back to another Saturday, and another magical edition of NEM: Childhood-Ruining Edition. 


You guys, I’m having so much fun with this theme I actually had to double-check the legality of it all—because I know this shit’s not fattening; then I remembered that it’s probably immoral and it all made sense. 


Confused?  Well, that’s probably because you’re new here, poor thing!  Let’s get you set up with a Not Exactly Motivational link—clicking is mandatory, but I assure you it’s for your own good and we all had to do it—so you can decide for yourself whether Saturdays are your cup of tea.  That link will also take you to all the past NEM posts, though I am putting them out on Instagram as well, in case that appeals to you.  For the fully initiated: continue in your usual fashion and “enjoy”



Think Good Thoughts



PS: On a semi-unrelated note, I’m not seeing Guardians 2 until tomorrow, so no spoilers!  However… yes, I do fully expect that I can make something happen with that one too.  




2 comments on “Think Good Thoughts (NEM #54)

  1. Arionis says:

    I’m on a work trip and I’ve been forbidden to see GOGV2 until I return. I am Groot! Translation = Damn it!

    Liked by 1 person

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