Sunday Bonus – FFF “My Way”


Once again answering the siren call of The Book Blogger’s Flash Fiction Foray Challenge, I took on this week’s prompt and hit the 100-word target spot-on.


Have I beaten the 115-word disease?


No, this week’s song just really inspired me.  I got a specific image in mind and couldn’t stop laughing.  Y’all don’t have to laugh with me—happens all the time—but I had fun and that’s all that matters.





Sparks flew and fat popped as the spit slowly turned over a roaring fire and still Kermit danced and sang and spun joyous circles; his thin, noodle-like arms flailed as he ripped feathers from a fluffy boa.  He’d fantasized about this very night for four decades, but the reality of his new freedom was more intoxicating than fantasy.


Completing another dramatic circuit, he popped an apple into the ever-open mouth of the roasting pig.  “Oh, Piggy.  I might almost miss your sass.  But I’ll get over it!”  And so, cackling madly and feeling lighter than ever, he began to carve.







21 comments on “Sunday Bonus – FFF “My Way”

  1. Ritu says:

    Lol! Poor Miss Piggy!!!

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  2. Victor K says:

    Everything you write is gold, but these fiction pieces seriously take the cake. I nearly snorted coffee on this one!

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  3. Bahahaha oh my God! Kermit’s lost it!

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  4. Arionis says:

    Haha! Guess Miss Piggy’s karate “pork” chop failed her this time.

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  5. Omg you had Kermit butcher Miss Piggy!! What’s wrong with you woman lol
    Great idea, although I’m not sure that she who roasts on the spit would agree lol

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  6. Oh wow that’s some very dark humour, and very Lord of the Flies-esque! A truly tragic descent into madness here… Thanks for taking part!
    Best wishes, Matt

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  7. josypheen says:

    You are hilarious. Poor miss piggy.

    I read cackling as ‘crackling’ (Oops!) In my defence this post did put the best part of roast pork into my head.

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  8. […] conversations with my husband – Sunday Bonus – FFF “My Way” – a comicly dark, Lord of the Flies-esque take of the truly tragic descent into madness of a […]


  9. emfletche says:

    That’s hilarious! Poor Miss Piggy…didn’t stand a chance 😂😂😂

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  10. curtisbausse says:

    I guess she always had it coming to her. Thanks for providing the official (and very funny) report of how it actually came.

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