Ready When You Are, Pt II


Welcome back!  Did everybody do some good thinkin’?  I’ll tell you, I’ve really enjoyed the guesses on this one, but it’s time to relieve your suspense… right after the jump.


Jimmy Fallon "Brace yourself"



So there I was, having weathered his temper over my delays in addition to managing to put my hair up without dropping my phone (seriously y’all, mad skillz) and the man himself wasn’t actually “ready to go” as promised.  Naturally, I confronted him.



ME:  Honey!  You said you were “ready when I was.”  Now I’ve been ready and washed a wall.
HIM:  You were on the phone!
ME:  I came in here and said, “I’m ready to go whenever you are.”
HIM:  You were on the phone!
ME:  I… (holds out phone)  It’s a cell phone.  It goes where I go.
HIM:  (deflates)  You were… I wasn’t going to leave while you were on the phone.



Is it possible to be simultaneously smug and pitying?  We need to name that feeling, because it was all over my face.


I’ll bet there’s a word for it in German; they’re oddly specific.


ferret readies, jumps, fails

Li’l gif completion for ya, since you waited so nicely.





6 comments on “Ready When You Are, Pt II

  1. josypheen says:

    I suppose it would have been impossible for you to leave the house while still chatting. He must be right (!?) 😉

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  2. Arionis says:

    I wasn’t even close! I have a related ongoing discussion with my wife. She likes to answer her cell phone or house cordless phone (yes, we still have one) and then sit on the couch and give me the “look”. That look means turn the volume on the TV down so low that I have to put on the close captioning to know what’s being said. I frequently have to remind her what the “cordless” part of cordless phone means. Doesn’t do me any good though.

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  3. Selbgstgefällig… Germans are smug fuckers!!

    Liked by 1 person

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